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Delivering industry-leading products with best-in-class performance and maximum value

OVHcloud solutions

Whether you need to manage cost, infrastructure capacity, and agility of resources or simply improve latency and performance issues, we offer a wide-range of cloud solutions to best fit your business

Disaster Recovery

Safeguard and maximize your on-premises investment while maintaining operations, speeding up recovery, and reducing costs.

Data Center Extension

Improve performance, prepare for traffic spikes, or increase agility by extending on-premise workloads to the cloud.

Data Center Replacement

Lower CapEx and gain new efficiencies by “lift and shift” from your on-premises data center to the OVHcloud.

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Who is OVH?

"Founded in 1999, OVH has grown to one of the largest global infrastructure providers in the world. We've reinvented the cloud hosting market with our innovative, green technology and now we're bringing that secure, scalable technology to the United States."

Russell P. Reeder President, CEO, and member of U.S. Board, OVH US

OVHcloud products

Hosted Private Cloud

The scalability and flexibility of the cloud on a 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure.

Public Cloud Services

Best-in-class performance, availability, and flexibility so you can instantly scale your business to meet your evolving needs.

Dedicated Servers

Guaranteed high performance for your business-critical applications.

Why OVHcloud?

With a presence on 5 continents, we provide digital, innovative, and secure infrastructures adapted to professionals, startups, small, and large companies. More than 1 million customers in 138 countries already rely on our infrastructure

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