Dedicated Servers

Guaranteed high performance for your business-critical applications

Solve Your Most Challenging Business Problems

Solve your most challenging business problems

Do you want full control of your servers? OVH Dedicated Servers are designed to perform, perform, and perform some more.  

We started with bare sheet metal, building up only the necessary components. Next, we added our unique water-cooling technology, which allows us to increase the server density in our data centers. Lastly, we incorporated our OVH Manager to give you full access control, Anti-DDoS protection, and a wide range of options, including more than 90 software/OS distributions.

Whatever your business problem demands — high-performance CPU, high storage, or critical computation power — OVH has the dedicated server for you. 

General Features

Free Anti-DDoS Protection

Free Anti-DDoS protection

All OVH Dedicated Servers include Anti-DDoS protection to mitigate your risk of attacks and keep your services available at all times.

Lightning-Fast delivery

Lightning-fast delivery

Need your servers right away? All we need are a few minutes! Our internal automation can provision and deliver the most popular server in near-record time.

Additional IPs

Additional IPs

For only a small setup fee per IP, you can purchase up to 256 Failover IPs per dedicated server.

FTP Backup

FTP backup copy

Store your data and configuration files on the 500 GB of disk space available on each OVH Dedicated Server. Need more space? Extend your storage to 1.5 or 10 TB!

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited traffic with guaranteed bandwidth

OVH’s global 12 Tbps network provides guaranteed bandwidth of 250 Mbps or 500 Mbps, as well as a burst function to handle peak capacity. Instead of isolated traffic spikes slowing down performance, our burst bandwidth can absorb the extra traffic with bursts of up to 3 Gbps. For more capacity, you may also upgrade your bandwidth to accommodate your needs.

Spend a lot of time transferring data? OVH Dedicated Servers include unlimited data uploads and downloads, at no extra charge.

Choice of Operating System

Choice of operating system

More than 90 operating systems and licenses can be installed automatically from the OVH Manager (control panel). We offer a wide variety of hosting standards, such as Plesk and cPanel, in addition to database distributions like Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Dedicated Server Families


Need versatility? OVH’s Infrastructure Servers provide raw performance with single- or dual-core processors to power your n-tier enterprise application and hosting workloads. With the vRack private network included (except for INF4), you can hit the ground running.


Our high-performance, high-availability configurations with multiple cores/threads and high-frequency CPUs can help solve your most challenging computing problems, including machine learning, big data, and scientific research.



We know you must have full access to your data whenever you need it, without latency. With OVH Storage Servers, you can efficiently access, back up, and store your data wherever it lives.




Looking for a configuration with the power for machine learning, scientific computing, and 3D rendering? Our most powerful and fully customizable servers are equipped with GPUs for intensive use.


Whether you are a video game publisher or just passionate about gaming, OVH offers first-rate quality-to-price ratio. With our Anti-DDoS protection, you can host your games with confidence.

Implementation of a High-Availability Infrastructure

Implementation of a High-Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery Plan for Hosting a Critical Application

Learn how a computer engineering services company uses OVH servers in two different locations to ensure its client’s employees always have access to their mission-critical applications.

View section #2 of our Case Studies Book

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