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OVH US and Veeam to deliver more freedom and choice in backup options ...

May 16, 2018 - Today we are pleased to formally announce a collaborative partnership between OVH US and Veeam to provide easy-to-use and secure backup option as part of the OVHcloud s

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Ransomware: Should We Accept it as ‘The New Normal?’

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for the past three years, particularly against organizations that serve the public. That includes hospitals, school districts, state and local governments and even law enforcement.


OVHcloud champions STEM education and strives to close the gender gap ...

OVH US President and CEO, Russell P. Reeder, shares his perspective on the importance of fostering our youth in technology education, especially with girls. Read about why OVHcloud is partnering with local community organizations to close the gap in the technology industry.

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OVH expanding globally with its first U.S. data center

OVH is officially open for business in the United States, with the first data center on the East Coast now open and another on the West Coast coming soon. This will add to the expanding global footprint for OVH and will bring the data center total to 28 and over 350,000 physical servers worldwide.

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Net Neutrality: Enabling innovation and consumer choice

As a consumer, choice is everything and regulations like Net Neutrality that ensure consumer choice are a good thing. As an Infrastructure provider, OVH is wary of any policy change that limits consumer access to innovation and choice because we believe that innovation is freedom.

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Intel® Vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre: Patching for vCloud® Air™...

As mentioned in our Jan 6th blog post, OVH is 100% mobilized to secure our technology stacks and environments against the recently exposed Intel, AMD, and ARM vulnerabilities. We are committed to our products and the security of our customers. Feel free to contact the Customer Support Team 24/7, or your account manager with questions.

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Patching the Intel x86-64 Vulnerabilities

Along with the rest of the IT industry, Intel has made OVH aware of some specific vulnerabilities concerning certain processor architectures. Two of these vulnerabilities make it possible to carryout side-channel attacks, based on the same kind of mechanism as previously disclosed in January 2018 named ‘Spectre’.

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The OVH Public Cloud is part of the Cloud Spectator ranking for the 1s...

In its first showing among the Top Ten Public Cloud Providers, OVH ranked 2nd place in North America and 1st place in Europe, surpassing all major American players.

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OVH to participate in a call for presentation for the OpenStack Summit...

The OpenStack summit, a semi-annual open source cloud event, will take place this November in Sydney, Australia.


WannaCry: Dry your tears, but stay vigilant!

The recent WannaCry pandemic mostly affected workstations within businesses, but servers running outdated versions of Windows were not immune either...

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OVH accelerates with OpenStack

On Friday, the 9th of June, three leading figures from the OpenStack Foundation visited OVH’s European headquarters in Roubaix, in northern France...

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The Cloud is the future. But what is the future of cloud? (Part 1)

Part 1: A closer look at cloud users. Who are they? What are their needs? What challenges will they face in the years to come?

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